What You Need to Know about Hotel Buses in Shanghai

The best hotels in Shanghai will usually offer their valued clientele access to hotel buses that make getting from Point A to Point B much more convenient. Whether you’re planning to stay at the Hotel Suites Orient or any other high-end hotel, you’ll find that hotels with hotel bus service will be available at regular intervals during the day and evening. However, each hotel is different, so it’s important to ask questions about hotel buses in Shanghai before you book your next stay at a particular hotel.

Typically, good hotels that do not offer hotel buses will have other services in place, in order to offer quick and convenient transportation to guests. For example, many finer hotels have concierges who will be more than pleased to arrange taxis for guests. While the cost of a taxi will be higher than the cost of using hotel buses Shanghai (which may be free for guests), they are a practical option for some.

Hotel buses may ferry guests to and from airports in Shanghai, or they assist them in getting closer to Shanghai’s many attractions, such as the historic Bund neighborhood. The best way to find out how good hotel buses are at specific Shanghai hotels is to check official hotel websites, such as the Hotel Suites Orient website. Another option is to visit travel resource websites, such as TripAdvisor.com, in order to check out hotel reviews from real-life customers. Sometimes, reading authentic reviews is the key to accurately weighing the advantages and disadvantages of certain hotels and hotel buses.

Hotel Buses Should Be Safe and Well-maintained

Look for hotels that offer clean, safe hotel buses that are driven by licensed, well-groomed and professional drivers. If you don’t speak the local language, invest in a good translation dictionary that will allow you to communicate your preferred destination to a hotel bus driver. In a pinch, pointing to a spot on a city map will be a good way to get your point across. The best hotels will usually have bilingual or multilingual staff, including hotel bus drivers, in order to give their guests the ultimate in customer service.

Now that you know more about hotel buses in Shanghai, you’ll be ready to choose a hotel that has these important amenities. Since travelling in hotel buses is generally a safe, secure and very inexpensive way to get around while touring this beautiful city, it’s always smart to select a hotel that offers this perk to its guests.

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